Cake Tape Recipe

Cake tape recipe

Cake tape recipe

Article Contents:

1. Materials
2. How to Make

What is the cake tape like? Intrigued by the cake tape, I tried to find a recipe and get the cake tape recipe as below. You have to try this, when you get a lot of tape sent from your in-laws (thank you, love, love). When in-laws complete their trip to Tegal and we are given cassava tape, rather than being thrown away because it is not eaten, it would be better to make a delicious cake tape. Let’s make a cake tape.

Cake Tape Recipe
Cake Tape Recipe


125 gr cassava tape, remove the fiber
50 ml coconut milk
125 gr margarine, melt
7 egg yolks
50 grams of almond slice for sprinkling
150 gr sugar
125 grams of flour, sifter
3 egg whites

How to Make:

1. Mix cassava and coconut milk tape, stir well, set aside.
2. Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy, add the tape mixture little by little, beat again until it dissolves.
3. Enter the flour alternately with liquid margarine, stir well, pour in a baking sheet that has been covered with paper and spread with butter, sprinkle almonds on it.
4. Enter in the oven, bake until cooked and browned, remove and serve.