Chicken Besengek Recipe

Chicken Besengek Recipe

Chicken Besengek Recipe

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1. Materials
2. How to Make

After several articles I wrote recipes for regional cuisine in West Java, now it’s the time to try Central Java recipes. Jepara grilled chicken is said to be one of RA’s favorite foods. Kartini.

Chicken Besengek Recipe
Chicken Besengek Recipe

Besengek Chicken cuisine is almost similar to curry, but sweet. There are various versions, one of which uses grated coconut as a seasoning, as in this recipe. It will be more delicious and flavorful, if cooked over medium heat until the coconut milk releases the oil and the spices absorb it completely. Chicken and seasonings are cooked using coconut oil. Besides chicken, this recipe can also use beef, eggs, or tofu and tempeh.


5 shallots, stir-fry
4 cloves of garlic, stir-fry
Salt and brown sugar to taste
2 cm young galangal
4 candlenuts
400 ml thick coconut milk
500 gr free-range chicken, cut into pieces, roast on coals until angus rada is a little
1 tbsp tamarind water
½ tsp shrimp paste
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
700 ml of water
6 red chilies

How to Make:

1. Heat the oil, saute seasoning until fragrant and cooked.
2. Boil water, add chicken, seasonings, acid water and a pinch of salt.
3. Boil on low heat and close tightly until the sauce shrinks in half and the chicken begins to tender.
4. If still not soft, add enough water and continue to boil.
5. Add coconut milk, cook while occasionally stirring so it doesn’t break.
6. Keep cooking until the seasoning is really soaking and the sauce thickens.
7. Add taste with salt and sugar to taste.
8. Lift, serve with hot rice.
9. Tips: If you want to quickly soft, use coconut water.
10. Reduce sugar because coconut water is sweet