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Chocolate satay fruit sauce

Chocolate Satay Fruit Sauce

Chocolate Satay Fruit Sauce

Chocolate sauce satay ? I’m curious about chocolate sauce fruit satay. This satay is not satay carelessly, because it is not made with meat, but fruit. Continue to be watered with chocolate sauce, Yummy. The name is also fruit satay, obviously the taste displayed is mixed fruit flavor. There are sweet, sour, sour and chocolate.

Chocolate Satay Fruit Sauce

Chocolate Satay Fruit Sauce (

If we were fascinated with fruit soup in the past, now we have fruit satay. Ok, just follow the guidelines below. You don’t need to use the same fruit, it depends on each person’s taste, because this chocolate sauce fruit satay recipe is really for the little one … Let’s check it out!

Ingredients fruit satay chocolate sauce

10 green grapes 
10 discard red grapes 
10 strawberries 
2 ambon bananas 
1 kiwi fruit, peeled, chopped 
1/2 half old coconut, peeled, grated 
10 satai skewers

Ingredients Fruit Satay Chocolate Sauce

100 gr dark cooking chocolate 
100 ml liquid milk

How to make chocolate satay fruit sauce

Roasted coconut until browned, remove from heat. Add the banana and kiwi to the roasted coconut and stir well. Prick fruit with satai pricks. Set aside. Chocolate sauce: Heat the liquid milk, then add the chocolate slices, stir until the chocolate is dissolved. Lift. Serve fruit satai with chocolate sauce.

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