Delicious Ketoprak Recipe

Delicious Ketoprak Recipe

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1. Materials
2. How to Make

Did you know that the food with a combination of rice cakes, tofu, bean sprouts, vermicelli and peanut sauce gives a savory taste sensation that is truly suited to the Indonesian tongue. Yes, it’s ketoprak

Delicious Ketoprak Recipe
Delicious Ketoprak Recipe

Ketoprak is one of the foods that people like in Indonesia.

You don’t have to buy ketoprak outside, this recipe is easy and easy to make. Because there are some people who really care about the cleanliness and health of these foods. Curious to make it?

The following recipe makes a delicious version of ketoprak epicswall.


50 grams of vermicelli, soak cold water until soft, drain
250 grams of bean sprouts, clean wash and brewed with hot water, remove from heat.
4 pieces of diamond
5 pieces of white tofu size 6x6x2 cm


5 red chili, fry briefly
100 ml of warm water
6 cloves of garlic
250 grams of peanuts, fried, puree
1 teaspoon salt
sweet soy sauce to taste


fried onions, sliced ​​celery, and red crackers.

How to Make:

1. Half-cooked tofu, drain, cut according to taste.
2. Sauce Seasoning: puree garlic with cayenne pepper and salt.
3. Add beans, water and soy sauce, puree, stir well, set aside.
4. Prepare the dish, arrange the rice cake, rice noodles, bean sprouts and tofu pour the sauce with sweet soy sauce.
5. Sprinkle fried onions, sliced ​​celery and red crackers.
6. Serve immediately.

For: 6 people