Delicious Lotek Recipe

Delicious Lotek Recipe

Delicious Lotek Recipe

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1. Materials
2. How to Make

Lotek is a typical food of West Java, precisely from Sundanese. At first glance, it is almost similar to gado-gado or trancam. This cuisine combines various boiled / cooked vegetables with super delicious spiced peanut sauce. Tempeh is often added and seasonings are added with shrimp paste, brown sugar and garlic.

Delicious Lotek Recipe
Delicious Lotek Recipe

Lotek is usually enjoyed with rice cake, rice cake, or rice according to taste, happy with crackers and fried onions.

Here is the recipe for making a delicious lotek, good luck …


1 bunch kale, siangi
2 pieces of medium size fried tofu
1 chayote, boiled ripe
50 grams of bean sprouts, brewed with hot water, drain
100 gram tempeh, fried
10 long bean sprouts, cut into pieces
100 grams of young jackfruit, cut into pieces

Seasoning / Sauce:

2 tbsp tamarind water
5 red chilies, boiled
3 large red chilies, boiled
250 grams of groundnut, fried
3 cm kencur
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon brown sugar comb
100 ml of warm water

Sprinkled :
Fried onions and crackers

How to Make:

1. Boil the vegetables until cooked, drain.
2. Seasoning / sauce: prepare stone mortar, puree red chili, cayenne pepper, kencur, salt, and brown sugar, add peanuts, puree, stir well. Add tamarind water and water, stir well.
3. Put a piece of jackfruit that has been boiled and stir well.
4. Presentation: mix vegetables with herbs, tempeh, and fried tofu, stir well.
5. Arrange in pan, sprinkle with fried onions and red crackers.
6. Serve immediately.

For: 4-6 people