Delicious Squid Balado Recipe

Delicious Squid Balado Recipe

Delicious Squid Balado Recipe

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I got this squid balado recipe from ngulik here and there. Sorry if there are other squid balado recipe sources other than those I mentioned. Please comment immediately on the fact that it becomes a correction. Oh yeah, I want to know about Balado’s squid recipe because I can eat in Padang by subscribing, it’s really delicious.

Delicious Squid Balado Recipe
Delicious Squid Balado Recipe

Though its name is Calamari and Shrimp cuisine is always a family favorite. So curious about how to make a delicious Balado Calamari, I hunted down some literature but finally found it on the Internet. Hmm, just try it in the kitchen, hopefully the taste and texture that is displayed is not much different.

Main ingredients of Balado Squid:

1 cm galangal, bruised
50 grams of basil leaves
100 cc of broth
2 limes
1 segment of ginger, bruised
750 grams of wet squid (medium size)
1 sarai stick (take the white part)
2 bay leaves

Refined balado squid:

3 cloves of garlic
7 red chilies
5 candlenuts
8 red onions
10 cayenne peppers
2 teaspoons tsp turmeric powder (1 segment)
Salt to taste
½ teaspoon kencur powder (1 segment)

How to make squid balado:

1. Clean squid, coat with lemon juice and salt.
2. Leave for 15 minutes.
3. Saute ground spices, add lemongrass, bay leaves, ginger and salt.
4. Stir until fragrant.
5. Add squid, add a little water, stir well and let stand until the water is somewhat reduced.
6. Enter the basil, stir briefly.
7. Lift and serve.