Jackfruit Vegetable Recipes Mixed With Eggplant Nuts

Jackfruit Vegetable Recipe | Cooking Do not Gori mixed with eggplant nuts

Jackfruit Vegetable Recipe | Cooking Do not Gori mixed with eggplant nuts

Article Contents:

1. Materials
2. How to Make

Hear the jackfruit vegetable immediately my mind blurred back into the past. Yup, the years when our family liked to cook jackfruit or not in Javanese. It’s nothing, jackfruit vegetable is my favorite vegetable first to give special dishes yes only, jackfruit vegetable.

Jackfruit Vegetable Recipes Mixed With Eggplant Nuts
Jackfruit Vegetable Recipes Mixed With Eggplant Nuts

Jackfruit Vegetables have been popular since the days of my grandparents were single and young. Vegetables made from young jackfruit can be processed into any food, and amazingly, my family can make one big frying jackfruit vegetable, with the hope that my mother’s jackfruit vegetables will not be completely crushed by 3 brothers and 2 younger siblings that day too.

Specifically, if jackfruit vegetables do not run out, my mother immediately returned to the jackfruit vegetable. The term is in angetin. Strangely, the more often the news, jackfruit vegetable more delicious. Very unique is not it? And don’t ask how much capital you need to be able to serve jackfruit vegetable. Perhaps the most typical Indonesian vegetable with the concept can be free, why should it be cheap?

But this time I invited mothers and young women to cook jackfruit vegetable with a little combination. Well, the calculations want to know the taste of jackfruit vegetables that are processed in different ways, is the taste still the same? Easy-ingredients needed to prepare jackfruit vegetable are still affordable. Check it out!


1 liter thick coconut milk
150 grams of long beans
1-2 bay leaves
50 grams of melinjo leaf (petal leaf)
200 grams of young jackfruit
1 eggplant split into two cubes
Tempe rub to taste (for flavoring)
Salt and sugar to taste
2 cm galangal, bruised
250 ml liquid coconut milk
5 green chilies, cut in half lengthwise

Blended spices:

1 teaspoon chopped kencur
3 cloves of garlic
2 red chilies
7 cloves of shallot
1 teaspoon coriander (roast first)
1/2 teaspoon shrimp paste

How to Make:

1. Insert a fairly large diced young jackfruit into hot water.
2. Boil until jackfruit is tender.
3. Lift and drain.
4. Then heat the thick coconut milk, after boiling, add the young jackfruit, spices, rub tempeh, bay leaves, galangal while stirring slowly.
5. Then enter the liquid coconut milk slowly while still stirring.
6. Reduce the heat to medium, stir evenly until the vegetables are cooked.
7. The best way to present jackfruit vegetable, said my mother, is 20 to 30 minutes after the jackfruit vegetable is removed.
8. He said that the spices soak into the jack.
9. If the mother can not wait to wait up to 30 minutes, serve hot with fried tempeh or salted fish, jackfruit vegetable is more delicious you know.