Minang Grilled Chicken Recipes

Minang grilled chicken recipes

Minang grilled chicken recipes

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1. Materials
2. How to Make

The recipe for grilled chicken with Minang seasoning from its name alone has revealed that this chicken recipe comes from Minang. The Minang seasoning chicken recipe which is actually from Sumatra is famous for being rich because it is played with herbs and spices. So Minang grilled chicken has a very delicious taste when we eat it.

Minang Grilled Chicken Recipes
Minang Grilled Chicken Recipes

The secret is the Minang spices that are formulated perfectly by Minang cooks and the recipes are always kept hereditary. Wow, so I’m curious about how to make seasoned grilled chicken Minang? Below is a recipe for grilled chicken, Minang seasonings that mothers can try. Once again, the amount of ingredients is adjusted to each taste. Oh well, try the chicken grilled chicken recipe too, you know, it’s not inferior to the Minang grilled chicken.


Bay leaf 1 lb
Cinnamon 1 gr Orange leaves 2 lb Turmeric leaves 1 lb Ginger 10 gr
Coconut milk 5 ml Granulated sugar 2 gr Salt 3 gr
Srei 2 bt
Red onion 50 gr Garlic 30 gr Red chili pepper 50 gr Turmeric 30 gr
White Marica 2 gr
Candlenut 10 gr Coriander 7 gr Cumin 7 gr Clove 2 pc Nutmeg 1 pc
Chicken breast 120 gr

How to Make:

1. All ingredients are mashed except for orange leaves, turmeric leaves.
2. Greetings, stir-fry until the aroma comes out and add liquid coconut milk, and enter the chicken, revealed to be half cooked and grilled.
3. Give Marica salt and taste.