Pempek Pempek Submarine Recipes Egg Contents

Pempek Submarine Recipe – Pempek Egg Contents

Pempek Submarine Recipe – Pempek Egg Contents

Article Contents:

1. Materials
2. How to Make

How to make a pempek submarine or Pempek The contents of the egg are a little complicated. But the results obtained are hopefully quality assurance. Following are the steps to make Pempek Submarines obtained from various sources. Please make or save a recipe first to try it at home. Combine and try to be a mainstay here, because I myself made the submarine pempek using the trial and error method, because each has a different way. Choose the easiest and most delicious. Okay, continue!

Pempek Pempek Submarine Recipes Egg Contents
Pempek Pempek Submarine Recipes Egg Contents


2 tablespoons of ebi powder (optional)
pempek base mixture
cuko sauce
cucumber slices (optional)
100 grams of wet noodles that have been dipped in warm water (optional)
8 duck eggs or chicken eggs

How to Make:

1. Take 150 grams of pempek mixture (for large sizes).
2. Round it like a Tennis Ball.
3. Make a container (oval bowl)
4. Then fill with eggs
5. Pinch the connection by pinching it with your fingers.
6. Remember, do not overload the eggs, there must be space to close them.
7. Boil in boiling water until floating (a sign is cooked).
8. Lift and chill.
9. Then chop and serve with cuko, sliced ​​cucumbers, noodles, and a sprinkling of ebi powder.


1. The egg is broken and put in a cup and not beaten, try the yellow and white parts are not dispersed for large eggs, 1 egg for 1 pempek.
2. For small pempek eggs, eggs should be beaten, and the size for 1 pempek is set on its own as long as it is not full.
3. After boiling, it can be served immediately without having to fry it first, especially for those who avoid consuming cooking oil.
4. Likewise, noodles, if you don’t like noodles, don’t use them.
5. If you find it hard to make a bowl shape and likes to break so the eggs come out
6. which is usually due to too much flour, just use the following methods:
7. Boil the eggs to be used, then peel the skin.
8. After the dough is rounded up like a tennis ball, press and press it.
9. Put the boiled egg before, wrap it with the mixture, and close the edges.
10. Enter into a pan that the water has boiled, boiled, until it floats or cooked.
11. Serve, under this mature form if it has been cleaved.