Pontianak Fried Banana Recipe

Pontianak Fried Banana Recipe

Pontianak Fried Banana Recipe

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1. Materials
2. How to Make

Fried bananas are actually the same everywhere. However, a while ago a pilgrimage to the Capital with my parents to his office at Rasuna Said number (next to the Australian Embassy), there was a treat of fried bananas in a delicious office. Curious, without direct orders embattt. Wow, the taste of the banana is the same, the difference is the crispy. There are kremesnya, which actually become the main snack rather than a banana.

Pontianak Fried Banana Recipe
Pontianak Fried Banana Recipe

Remembering Pontianak fried bananas, when we went down the mountain to Bandar Lampung, we stopped at Gramedia to buy a recipe book. And finally I found the book. And who are curious about the pontianak fried banana recipe, see the recipe.


The main ingredients of fried banana:

1½ lt of cooking oil.
1 comb (10 pcs) banana kepok. (In Lampung is overflowing!)

Dyeing ingredients (banana marinade):

¼ teaspoon salt
1½ tablespoons of flour sugar
125 medium protein flour (blue triangle can)
1 tablespoon of rice flour
250 ml of water

Fried Banana Kremesan Material:

1 lt of water
1 tablespoon of salt
2 egg yolks
45 gr sago tani flour
240 gr rice flour
20 grams of brown sugar, finely combed

How to Make:

1. Cut the banana like a fan wide.
2. Set aside.
3. Stir the ingredients thoroughly.
4. Stir the cream until even.
5. Heat the cooking oil.
6. Pour one tablespoon of crispy batter.
7. Let it float.
8. Turn down the heat.
9. Gather the dough together so that they are together.
10. Dip the banana in the dye.
11. Insert into the center of the cream that has been collected.
12. Fold the creme into the banana.
13. Fry until cooked.
14. Tips:
15. Selection of bananas must be right.
16. Choose yellow-yellow or pseudo-yellowish kepok bananas that are still hard when held.
17. Because if it’s too ripe, fried bananas will be runny.
18. If it’s still raw, the fried banana tastes sepat.
19. Give pandan leaves in oil that will be used for frying so that the banana has a fragrant aroma.
20. Frying Kremes Banana is better to use 2 Fryers, each filled with hot oil.
21. The first frying pan is used to pour the crumbs to fold the dough.
22. The second frying pan is used to cook it.
23. When pouring, the oil crust material must be really hot so that the liquid creams rise and float.
24. After the creams are floating, reduce the heat so that they don’t dry quickly.
25. Additional info, recipes for cremation ingredients in the book using egg yolks.
26. This egg yolk if used will cause a sweet savory taste.
27. But the crunch is less crunchy.
28. Well, the choice and taste depends on you all.
29. Please be creative.
30. Hopefully this weekend will be a happy day.

Good luck