Pop Chicken Recipes

Pop chicken recipes

Pop chicken recipes

Article Contents:

1. Materials
2. How to Make

Pop chicken is one of the dishes from chicken meat originating from West Sumatra. This dish is one of the fried chicken dishes, but what distinguishes pop chicken from other fried chicken is the pop chicken has a color that is still pale white when finished cooking.

Pop Chicken Recipes
Pop Chicken Recipes

Ok, let’s see how to make it right away!


200 g of red tomatoes, boil
1 teaspoon salt
10 red chilies, boil
4 cloves of garlic, grated
1 head without head and claws, cut 4 parts
300 ml of coconut water
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons lime juice
vegetable oil
12 red onions, boiled
4 tablespoons of hot water
10 eyes, boiled
2 tablespoons of oil for sauteing

How to Make:

1. Smear the chicken pieces with garlic, salt, and lime juice.
2. Leave it for 1 hour to absorb.
3. Boil the coconut water, add the chicken and the marinade.
4. Cook until the chicken is tender and the sauce is gone.
5. Raise the chicken.
6. Heat the oil over medium heat.
7. Fried chicken briefly, remove and drain.
8. Serve hot with chili sauce and boiled cassava leaves.
9. Sambal: Heat oil, saute spices until fragrant.
10. Add water, stir until boiling.
11. Lift up.

For 4 people