Brownies Cashew Made By Mama

Recipe Brownies Mede

Recipe Brownies Mede

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1. Ingredients:
2. Complement of cashew brownies:
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Cashew brownies or cashew brownies use cashew ingredients which are, um, a little expensive. But this cashew brownie is worth trying by mom because the taste of the median beans is very exciting, surely your little one will love it.

Brownies Cashew Made By Mama
Brownies Cashew Made By Mama

This recipe is very good to be served with family especially in the afternoon with drizzling rain which adds to the atmosphere. There are no specific standards in measurement or taste. All depends on the materials and tastes available. So, take the following recipe for cashew brownies, moms …

Ingredients: cashew brownies :

1 teaspoon salt
250 gr white chocolate
Cashew finely (crushed)
300 gr unsalted butter
ΒΌ teaspoon baking powder
300 grams of flour
400 gr refined sugar
450 gr thick cooked chocolate
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
4 chicken eggs

Complement of cashew brownies:

1 tsp chocolate paste
200 gr butter cream, ready to use

How to make cashew brownies :

1. Mix well the sugar and dark chocolate that has been melted. Add vanilla stir well.
2. Add eggs one by one, while stirring thoroughly.
3. Put the flour sifted little by little, stir well.
4. Add chopped white chocolate, stir well.
5. Pour the mixture into the cup cake. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes until cooked. Lift let it cool.
6. For garnish, mix butter cream with chocolate paste stir well. Spray over the brownies with a rose syringe. Sprinkle with cashews