Rendang Padang Recipe

Rendang Padang Recipe

Rendang Padang Recipe

Article Contents:

1. Materials
2. How to Make

Rendang Padang, from the name we understand that the recipe rendang was first introduced by the people of Padang (West Sumatra in general). The original rendang padang recipe may not be found because it has been changed by various rendang padang recipes.

Rendang Padang Recipe
Rendang Padang Recipe

Even so, it must be admitted that not all Rendang Padang recipes have changed. Only a few herbs and spices that are tailored to the tastes of each community in each region. Hopefully the rendang padang recipe will be sustainable.


Salt to taste
2 sheets of kaffir lime leaves
2 candlestick seeds
1 lemongrass stalk, memarkan
1 sheet of turmeric leaves
1 ½ kilo of beef
12 glasses of coconut milk from 3 coconuts

How to Make:

1. Meat is cut according to taste.
2. In a skillet: boil coconut milk with crushed spices plus the leaves and kandis acid.
3. Stir constantly until thickens so that the coconut milk does not break.
4. If you have started to oil out, enter pieces of meat
5. Stir constantly and cook on medium heat.
6. If you want to be blackened, reduce the heat.


1. In order for a lot of bran, coconut milk must also be a lot. Squeeze coconut milk for rendang, first press should not add water first. Squeeze the coconut using a cloth / special napkin, so that the starch comes out.
2. A little sugar, if you like
3. So that it is more pervasive for the seasoning, the meat should be covered first with all the herbs & leaves, after the meat is dried then add coconut milk, stirring constantly until it boils. Reduce the heat, cook until oily (black) with occasional stirring so it doesn’t get sticky & cook evenly.
4. 1kg of meat, 3 eggs must be made thick coconut milk, so if 1.5 kg should be 5 coconuts.
5. Plus 2 tablespoons of finely grated grated coconut (until the oil comes out)
6. Plus 3 bay leaves, also for lemongrass added to 2 stems, orange leaves added to 4 sheets
7. A little extra for the recipe (to make it more delicious, may be tested):
8. Incidentally, if I make rendang, I also put a little bit of kandis acid, but the taste does not turn sour at all. People say, acid can also function as a natural preservative? (not really).
9. If you want it to be more seasoned, chili, garlic & red, you can add more
10. Sometimes there are people who say why when cooking rendang can not be black like Minang rendang. My mother said, so rendang can be black, the key is not to use turmeric. If you use turmeric, let it cook for a long time with even low heat, rendang still looks red (like kalio).

Other recipes, the main dose:

1. 1 kg of meat, 4 grains of coconut (if in Batam = 2kg), 1 ounce of ground chili.
2. The right size of cuts of meat for rendang, 1 kg = 25-30 pieces, cut according to the fiber so that it does not quickly break when cooked.
3. If the type of meat is tender quickly, don’t put it too quickly, just stir it with the spices so that it sinks in first and is allowed to stand 1 / 1/2 hour, then enter after the coconut milk that has been blasted out of the oil