Sweet Chocolate Martabak Recipe

Sweet Chocolate Martabak Recipe

Sweet Chocolate Martabak Recipe

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1. Materials
2. How to Make

Do you know Martabak ?, Cake of a million people where every city is almost certain. Martabak itself has metamorphosed into various types of snacks. Martabak cheese, chocolate, tape and various other flavors. But in general, the basic ingredients for making martabak are still the same.

Sweet Chocolate Martabak Recipe
Sweet Chocolate Martabak Recipe

What remains is your creativity in processing Martabak content according to the taste of family or customers. Well, below is a sweet chocolate martabak recipe that we tried in our own kitchen. If it doesn’t taste good, most parents and children are forced to spend.


Martabak Fill Material:
2 tablespoons baking powder.
250 gr of flour.
150 gr sugar.
½sdt Baking soda.
2 chicken eggs.
5 grams of instant yeast yeast (Fermipan).
200 ml coconut milk kara.
175 ml of warm water.

How to Make:

1. Mix coconut milk with warm water, stir well.
2. Enter the yeast into warm coconut milk, stir until dissolved, set aside.
3. Mix the flour and sugar, make a hole in the middle, then put the eggs in it.
4. Ouch flat, then pour the coconut milk solution little by little, until the sugar dissolves, enter
5. baking soda, stirring constantly until smooth until the dough becomes slippery.
6. Leave it for 30 minutes in a warm place until the dough becomes twice as high.
7. Heat the dorayaki pan / Martabak pan.
8. Spread with margarine to taste.
9. Pour 3/4 of the mixture into it.
10. Cover the martabak pan until half cooked, then sprinkle the surface with granulated sugar.
11. Cover again until the surface dries slightly and lift it and place it on a flat cutting board.
12. Heat, spread the entire surface of the cake with butter until smooth, then sprinkle with
13. bean powder, after that it is added with meisis chocolate.
14. Finally pour sweetened condensed milk on all surfaces.
15. Cut the martabak in half, then fold and trim.
16. Brush the surface with margarine.

NB: Make sure the martabak pan is hot before adding the mixture. And during cooking, use low heat so that the bottom does not burn.

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