Taliwang Grilled Chicken Recipe

Taliwang grilled chicken recipe

Taliwang grilled chicken recipe

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1. Materials
2. How to Make

Taliwang grilled chicken recipe is a chicken recipe from the Taliwang area. The specialty of Taliwang grilled chicken recipe lies in its bold spices, producing fragrant and savory grilled chicken.

Taliwang Grilled Chicken Recipe
Taliwang Grilled Chicken Recipe

The spices formulated in Taliwang grilled chicken are made in such a way that when burned, the marinade is even more pervasive giving off the aroma of fragrant grilled chicken. Hhmmm, you can’t wait to try Taliwang’s grilled chicken recipe? Alright, below is Taliwang grilled chicken recipe that you can record. About the amount of Taliwang grilled chicken in the recipe according to each taste.

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Taliwang grilled chicken ingredients:

100 ml of vegetable oil
1 lime, take the water
1 free-range chicken

Taliwang grilled chicken seasoning, puree:

8 cloves of garlic
14 dried red chilies
100 g of red tomatoes
5 cm kencur
25 g of Javanese sugar
12 red onions
2 teaspoons of salt
2 tsp fried shrimp paste

How to Make:

1. Cut a chicken from the middle of its chest up to the neck.
2. Turn the chicken over and press open. Heat the oil, saute the spices until fragrant and cooked.
3. Lift. Sprinkle with lime juice, stir well.
4. Marinate the chicken with seasoning until smooth.
5. Place on a flat baking pan, bake in a hot oven 180 C for 1 hour until cooked.
6. Turning and spreading seasoning once in a while.
7. Lift.
8. Roast the chicken on the coals of charcoal fire until it is rather dry.
9. Lift.
10. Serve warm with the remaining seasoning.

For 6 people