Wedang Ronde Recipe

Wedang Ronde Recipe

Wedang Ronde Recipe

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1. Materials
2. How to Make

Wedang round is a body-warming drink when we feel tired and shivering. Inside it is filled with sticky rice balls filled with beans which are served like ginger. Some say that the round is identical to Sekoteng. But whatever its form, round wedang drinks can be used as an alternative to drinks in winter or when you spend the night because there is overtime.

Wedang Ronde Recipe
Wedang Ronde Recipe


5 sticks Sere thinly sliced
1 kg of sugar
4 pieces of brown sugar or 1 packet of palm sugar
½ kg of Ginger in geprek
4 liters of water
3 pieces of pandan leaves are torn
½ tsp salt salt

How to Make:

1. Mix all ingredients together then boil until boiling and continue for approximately 1 hour on medium heat.
2. After cooked filtered and ready to serve.

Fill in the Round:

Cut bread into cubes. Roasted peanut then peeled. Boil pomegranate seeds until tender. Make small dots like salak seeds from glutinous rice flour.