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Draw your first tag. After you have done a Graffiti, head to our Collection of Graffiti Letters. Think about a name you want to use being a sprayer. No ideas yet? Just start out together with your real name! I provide several designs for every letter. You can search for letters by hitting the buttons in the top . Create a Graffiti Tag using this method . So in depth : 1. get a marker now ; not a pencil; Tags look way better the use of the proper marker – I used a Edding 500 Marker for your example Tag below. The Grog Cutter 08 XFP – Death Black can be a very good marker as well and more cost effective . 2. get a small note 3. Go to our number of Graffiti Letters 4. Search for your letters on your name Example. I choose the term “Ether”. 5. You can optionally add drips, arrows and big serifs as highlights for a Tag like I did.

How to attract graffiti: a graffiti piece in 7 steps : You have redrawn your first Graffiti? You have created the first Tag? Nice! So let’s go forward !. Graffiti Pieces are incredibly complex. To begin , I would recommend one to take your tag and transform it in a Graffiti Piece. Every Graffiti Piece is made up of the following parts: 1. The Fill-In: colored areas 2. the outline: colored or black line around the fill-ins 3. a 3D-shadow 4. experience 5. an additional outline throughout the whole piece 6. optionally: the tag name from the sprayer 7. optionally: highlights 8. optionally: 4 seasons of creation.

I use the subsequent materials: 1. regular piece of paper – e.g.: printing paper 2. soft uncolored eraser 3. pencil with 2B mine hardness 4. Fine Liners for Highlights and small areas 5. Copic Markers Multiliner 0.5 for outlines 6. At least a basis pair of Copic Ciao markers for Fill-ins. I have the large set of Copic Ciao markers markers!. So, let’s dive right into it:

STEP 1: Trace your graffiti tag. If you used a marker you will likely forecast the Graffiti Tag in the event you put a sheet of paper on it . So the first task can it be to trace the perimeters of the lines having a pencil. But leave a little bit of space between the edge from the marker as well as your new pencil line. So the letter gets bigger. The result will want to look like the image shown below. Not that bad actually, but we should improve.

STEP 2: Improve the graffiti. The form in the whole Graffiti is vital as well . The “E” at the start is larger compared to the “R” ultimately . So I decided to ensure it is smaller and add arrows on both sides to make it a compact form.(red) I also added serifs or made them more complex .(blue circles). In typography, a serif could be the small extra stroke found at the finish in the main vertical and horizontal strokes of some letters. In Graffiti you frequently have used them to help you Piece more complex . I also added forms which improve the dynamic with the graffiti and ensure it is more advanced.

The result looks like the image below. This step usually implies plenty of trials and errors and takes time . So don’t be sad in the event the Graffiti immediately will not resemble you wish to . Even if you are practised to attract Graffiti, this task will take a little while and intensive use with the eraser.

STEP 3: Redraw the lines using a fineliner. The next step is less difficult . Take your Copic Markers Multiliner 0.5 or a Fineliner pen and redraw your pencil lines. Wait a while afterwards permit the colour dry then erase every one of the pencil lines. The result will want to look like this.

A cheap printer with copy function like Canon PIXMA MG3620 or a similar product have to do the task . I use a previous version on this printer series and delay pills work well but there are several others which work quite similar.

STEP 4: Color your graffiti piece. To make the coloring more complex , I recommend one to always draw gradients. In this case i colored the whole Graffiti Piece in one big gradient. If you would like to help make your piece to check even more complex , you will have to include a different gradient to every letter. The Copic Ciao markers have become great for drawing gradients. I have not achieved it with another marker yet.

Which color scheme to select ? In general I recommend that you use complementary colors for – foreground and background – or – fill-ins and shadows. If you need to use more colors, you should employ colors through the color shade of just one of the 2 colors or near them on the color wheel. You can also just search for a Graffiti in your blog or on Google Image search and copy along with scheme. If you are a beginner, this approach might fit well.

STEP 5: Drawing the shadows Choose a place below the Graffiti where each of the shadow blocks result in . Like shown inside the photo below. Now choose what size the blocks ought to be . I took 1,5cm (1/2 inches) as length in such cases .

Now please take a ruler and tap into every corner in the Graffiti a single .5cm (1/2 inches) long line towards the chosen point. Then, connect the lines parallel to the Graffiti outline. The results are blocks, which you can fill with color.

Fill the Blocks with black. If you want more complicated shadows you can fake light spots with brighter areas in the middle transitioning to dark areas for the outside like done in the example.

STEP 6: Second outline and background The term “Second outline” describes the queue around the whole Graffiti. In this case I choose the complementary color to orange – blue. As a background I added bubbles and drips in the same color.

STEP 7: Optionally add highlights, your name-tag and the season of creation The gradient as Fill-In maybe is too boring or seems not complex enough. So you can additional add lines and shapes higher than the Fill-In. Common shapes are bubbles, rectangles, arrows, refelections or outlines of shapes. Usually they`re colored in a darker color shade from the color below of them . They can be also added on the background.

To complete your artwork, add your Name-Tag and the year of creation. If you are or might be a an affiliate a crew, then include the abbreviation of your respective crew.

In the first part I will discuss how I started and give you a primary hint how to begin out. The second part is often a tutorial, which can be divided into two parts. The first part contains the steps for a first Graffiti Tag. The second one is about transforming the Graffiti Tag in a Graffiti Piece. Let’s go!

How I started to attract graffiti. Starting-out is definitely difficult. This is why I want to explain how I achieved it . My first Graffiti was “Limp Bizkit” from your album cover from “Significant other”. Do you know it? I loved the band whilst still being love em and decided to attract it because it impressed me. I was lucky and was quite satisfied with my first drawing.

So this can be my first job for you is: 1. obtain a pencil 2. get yourself a piece of paper 3. get an eraser 4. find a Graffiti you like with Google Image Search, in places you can easily identify the letters. For Instance “simple style Graffiti” could possibly be used as being a search term . 5. and draw it!

Maybe you need a few tries at the start . This is not even attempt to be worried about . Noone is really a professional immediately . So practice, practice, practice, practice! I know you`ll make it!

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